Vertical Trek

Enjoy the absolute Matrix fluidity

Vertical Trek

Enjoy the absolute Matrix fluidity

Welcome in the air

Our belay system for adventure parks ensure an exceptional fluidité and efficiency. 

Thanks to the matrix that replaces the cable clips, the path of the hook suits to the children. The installation as well as the maintenance of the paths is particularly quicker.

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Our E range continuous belay system sticks to the highest requirements security wise.
Any disconnection remains impossible.



A set of parts refined by experience, tested, inspected, certified and from the French aeronautical industry. Matrix effect: ever smoother ease of use and even more intuitive practice. The system is installed without a cable clamp.

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Our entire range for tree climbing parks is suitable for all configurations:
– Very large zip lines.
– Multidirectional.
– Vertical and horizontal movement.

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Available in 3 versions : Pro, Parks and Via

With its rupture at 30 kN, the crochet Ocho hook is available in three versions : Ocho, Ocho+ and Ocho Max.

  • Interchangeable V wear.
  • V wear resistant high abrasion resistance + Integrated evacuation system
  • Self-closing hook.
  • Interchangeable anti-shock shell.
  • EN 795, EN 17109 and EN 958 regulations compliant.

Our partners

Certification - CE Review - ACB4-10

Apave Hook Certification ACB 4-10 N°0082/2173/ 136/03/15/0088 (CE Examination Certificate) [PDF]  + Declaration of conformity [PDF]

Certification - EU Review - SEVEN

Apave Seven Hook Certification N°0082/2173/ 136/06/18/0453 (EU Examination Certificate) [PDF] + Declaration de conformity [PDF]

Certification - EU Review - OCHO, OCHO + and OCHO Max

Apave Ocho Hook Certification N°0082/2173/136/09/
20/0443 (OCHO), N°0082/2173/
136/09/20/0444 (OCHO+), N°0082/2173/136/09/20/0445 (OCHO MAX). Declaration of conformity [PDF]

Certification - EU Review - VIA 8 
Apave Energy Absorption System Certification for continuous Belay System on Via&nbspFerrata
Declaration de conformity [PDF]